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Johnny J Kidwell Is A Servant Of The People At SYNC.

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Other Accolades of Johnny Kidwell

As a proud Board Member of Spavinaw Youth and Neighborhood Center (SYNC):

  1. Distributed Cherokee Nation Emergency Food Program boxes to over 15,000 people

  2. Food delivery to more than 1000 Cherokee Nation families in need

  3. Distributed over 90,000 pounds of Go-Fresh produce to elders, veterans and others

  4. Awarded “2020 Cherokee Nation CCO Organization of the Year”

Local Church Community: Johnny participated in the South Tulsa distribution of over 20,000 pounds of fresh food and produce to elders, veterans and families in need.

As a proud member of Greater Tulsa Cherokees Community:

  1. Volunteered to help At-Large Cherokee elders enroll in the Respond, Recover and Rebuild assistance programs

  2. Distributed over 400 Cherokee Nation emergency food boxes to At-Large elders, veterans and families in need

  3. Volunteered to help deliver more than 100 meals to At-Large Cherokee elders in the Tulsa area during the pandemic

  4. Participated in community Native American Day events

  5. Attended regular, monthly At-Large cultural meetings

  6. Helped facilitate Cherokee language classes for At-Large citizens

  7. Awarded “2020 Cherokee Nation Community Leadership Award”

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