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Cherokee Entrepreneurs

The greatest strength of our Nation has always been its people. Today, there are Cherokees taking the initiative and charting their own course by starting their own businesses. Starting small we can help these entrepreneurs on their way to success. As your Councilor, I will tirelessly advocate for mentoring programs, marketing workshops, small business loans and matching funds programs as ways to start a wave of prosperity for Cherokee citizens. Artists and beekeepers to yoga instructors and zip line operators, as well as anyone in between, need the same resources to succeed. Relying on our people we can create a network of businesses that will support each other. For true success, however, we need to support businesses everywhere and not just those on the reservation. Through partnerships and business support we can help citizens expand and grow - creating more jobs and opportunities for our tribe and prosperity for our people. The financial success of the Cherokees was the envy of European settlers in the old nation so why not bring back the grassroot self-supporting Cherokee business model and be Sovereign - not just as a nation but as individual business owners as well.

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