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CARES ACT Funding: Johnny J Kidwell Explains His Solutions

As is typical, the Federal Government will place restrictions on how and where the funds can be used. However, as your Councilor, I would invest the additional funding in the following areas:

1) Telehealth and video-medicine expansion and allow At-Large citizens access to "originate" medicine/optometry/mental health doctors and receive prescriptions via this path. This will enable more AL citizens the ability to receive glasses and prescription drugs through the CN

2) Medical/Pharmaceutical expansion expansion of #1

3) State of the art retirement centers compete with grocery stores, medical/dental clinics, recreational activities to protect our elders from COVID exposure and make it available for ALL citizens.

4) State of the art rehabilitation center for our veterans; medical/dental services, behavioral health recovery facilities, recreational and social activities for PTSD recovery, modern and cultural behavioral health programs; societal reintegration programs; a place for warriors can help warriors.

5) A portion must go back into CNB for sustainment of revenues that continue to be lost due to the pandemic.

6) Additional IT infrastructure to support the above.....purchase and operate our own Cherokee Nation servers and hosting for profit.

7) Cherokee National Bank/Credit Union. First build/operate our own online banking system (e.g., ing direct or USAA) focused on providing ALL citizens with access to low interest RRR loans to offset personal losses due to the pandemic. Eventually, move to brick-n-mortar banks throughout the CN to compliment our online presence.

8) continue to purchase land with whatever is left over for farming, hunting, "self-isolation" and many other things.

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