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At-Large Community Group Support

Strong and vibrant community groups are foundational to a culturally connected At-Large citizenry and their success is vital to the continued growth of our Nation.

Recent changes in the policies and procedures governing At-Large organizations (community groups) have left some groups struggling to find a path toward long-term sustainment. The dissolution of the Cherokee Nation Community Association (CNCA) in favor of a four-person “At-Large Advisory Committee” was designed to streamline overall processes to the benefit of all concerned. Change can, however, bring unintended consequences that require re-evaluation of our policies and procedures.

To ensure the future of our At-Large groups, I will work to increase the annual grant funding and explore expansion of existing resources and programs to provide much needed non-profit administrative support and assistance. The more we ask of our community groups - the more support we are obligated to provide. Allowing our At-Large groups to struggle increases the risk that many will cease to exist.

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